IKEA is the leading cause of household infedelity

So this week I got the IKEA catalog I ordered so long ago that I forgot about it. Let's cut to the chase.

I love IKEA. When I still lived with my parents, we would get the catalog in mid-June, and I would pore over it and decorate my dream apartment or home. Mainly, I would redecorate my room, and that mainly involved a loft bed and a bunch of candles. Now that I'm an adult, this love has turned into something much more debilitating. Perhaps love isn't a strong enough word. I am infatuated and would do anything for IKEA, especially the catalog.

Now that I have an apartment, and could, in theory, decorate, it's become more of an obsession. I've looked through the entire catalog over 10 times, and take it with me all over. It's pornography for your house. You sit there, and think to yourself, "oh yeah...decorate that for me...no, move the bookshelf over a little more...and then put that sofa here...and those linens look FABULOUS..."

Its really quite pathetic. We are leaving to spend the month with family, which means a 7 hour drive. I wonder how many different apartments I could decorate in that time?