monday, monday

It is fall here.

This means it's still sunny, and that it will only get to 75 degrees instead of 80. Also, there may be fog in the morning, but it will be gone in like, 20 minutes. So don't get used to it.

Birdy is in school, and she's in first grade. This year's teacher is much more teacher-y than last year. Last year's teacher seems to perhaps have forgotten why she wanted to go into teaching and is hanging on until she can retire. This gives her about 15 more years molding young minds.

Robin was in daycare, and now he's not. Something about pneumonia twice in three months really seems to answer the "should I go back to work?" questions fairly quickly.

The Hoosband is still at work.

I am having a Diet Coke for lunch.

This is our exciting life.