what i've been writing about

I did a Wordle of my entire blog to see what I've really been writing about--the larger the word in the Wordle, the more that word has appeared in my writing here. I'm surprised, actually, to see what has been posted.

If you would like to do one of your blog (this is directed at the now blogful BFA, off of the Dashboard (the screen you see when you sign in) click the "Layout" link below the name of your blog. Then, click the "edit" button on the Blog Posts square. Then, select the number of posts you want to display on one page. I chose 187 because that's the number of posts I have. Then, I copied the link into Wordle's create page.
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it's great to be here, santa clara!

Birdy's first rock star poster. If you want, we can send you an autographed one so you can be rich in 17 years when she makes it big and becomes a millionaire and showers her mother with lavish gifts.
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fall color

Birdy and I went on a walk to the library last week (for a book they didn't have, but were supposed to have, but that's another story) and I busted out the ol' cell phone to take some photos of the local fall color. I'm continually shocked to see the flowers blooming still, and leaves on the trees just a week or so before Thanksgiving. It's how I still feel looking out my windows and seeing, of all things, palm trees. Palm trees?! It's like living in a huge mall, considering that's the only place I've seen any palm trees in the northwest. I'm also still getting used to the idea that I live somewhere people vacation. Like, a lot of people. They come here. The ocean is only 4o minutes away. That's the drive from Pullman to Lewiston...so weird.

So, after all that, I give you a sampling of the fall color. Please excuse the focus issues on some of the photos...they were taken on a cell phone, after all.

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tired monkey

This is Baby Monkey.

This is Birdy.

Baby Monkey is tired. Baby Monkey needs to go to bed. So, Birdy got a shoe box, and some towels, and a book. Then she put Baby Monkey in the bed.

Kiss kiss, Baby Monkey!

Phew! Putting Baby Monkey to bed makes Birdy tired. Now it's time for Birdy to go to bed too.