birdy's bookshelf

Birdy loves a good naptime or bedtime story. These are the current favorites...what were yours as a kid?


oh, have you been here all along?



Anyone here?

No? I guess I understand. It's been, well, a while. Sorry for that. I go through periods where I'm totally in to writing and post a lot (or write a lot in Word or my journal) and then periods of silence for whatever reason. For the last month, I just haven't felt like I have had anything to say, which is sad, because a lot of fun stuff happened.

Here's a little list of interesting things that have developed since my last post:
  • I had wine in a theatre
  • Remember Me is a terrible movie. I recommend bringing wine with you when you see it.
  • I had brie in a toasted sandwich. Sorry cheddar, move on over.
  • We celebrated Birdy's birthday.
  • I made an 11 layer cake.
  • I've gotten in to geneology. I have a relative named Orris!
  • I haven't lost any weight.
  • But I have been more active.
  • But I haven't lost weight.
  • I'm planning on cooking dinner that involves tofu for my family tomorrow. Any and all well wishes appriciated.
  • The Hoosband's parents visited.
  • I've been to the Tech Museum.
  • I had to watch the Star Trek movie.
  • I bought an AWESOME rug at Ikea.
  • Many of you are jealous that there are 2 Ikeas within an hour of here.
  • I just think that might be a good reason for YOU to come and visit us!
  • My brother, my friend Anita, and my friend Jessica are going to visit in the next month.
  • I love my brother.
  • Birdy is a terrible two year old.
  • Birdy is also an incredibly sweet two year old.
  • We welcome any and all two year old parenting advice.
  • I've taken some great photos. Perhaps you will see them before the year 2050 ends.
  • Did I mention the sweet Ikea rug? It's sweet. It's also red.
  • MSN messenger now works on my computer. Let's chat, amigos!
  • I discovered an amazing curry sauce in, of all things, a Weight Watchers cookbook.
  • I haven't lost any weight. I blame the curry sauce. It turns out that just becuase it's a WW recipe doesn't mean you can't just drink glasses of it. Weird, I know.
  • Parenthood is an amazing show. Please to watch and enjoy.
  • Birdy got a guitar (ukelele) from my Best Good Friend Brianna. She now walks around strumming and singing the alphabet song from A-F.

So, here's to a month with more in-depth hard-hittting information about your favorite California girl. Unless you have another girl who is a bigger favorite. If that's the case, then I hope I'm your number 2 girl. At best your number 5.

If it's lower than number 5, I don't want to hear about it.