birdy's bookshelf

Birdy loves a good naptime or bedtime story. These are the current favorites...what were yours as a kid?


Kp said...

Who Wants Arthur!

My mum read this book to me every day, multiple times for a very long time. And when she finally refused because she was sick of it, I read the book every day, multiple times, for a similarly long time (or maybe at 3 years old I just had it memorized and wasn't really reading. But I'm sure it was adorable to watch me recite). It is lovely. And apparently it's only one cent on amazon. My childhood has suddenly lost the "priceless" definition.

Anita Cory said...

I had a couple of favs:
The Kangaroo with a Hole in It's pocket
The Pink Elephant with Golden Spots (both by same author/illustrator)

I just of a book yesterday in a convo with Spencer...can't remember the name but it was about a penguin who didn't like the cold and was constantly trying to create a sunny oasis on the North Pole with much hillarity. Come to think of it, the book may have been called, The Penguin who didn't like the cold.

Can't wait to see you. Haven't booked ticket yet (long story). Will probably fly up there on Sunday morning and leave Tuesday morning...sound ok?

Anita Cory said...

Oops... missed a word.

I just thought of a book yesterday in a convo with Spencer...

Sorry...it's late, I'm tired, cranky...the usual.