fall color

Birdy and I went on a walk to the library last week (for a book they didn't have, but were supposed to have, but that's another story) and I busted out the ol' cell phone to take some photos of the local fall color. I'm continually shocked to see the flowers blooming still, and leaves on the trees just a week or so before Thanksgiving. It's how I still feel looking out my windows and seeing, of all things, palm trees. Palm trees?! It's like living in a huge mall, considering that's the only place I've seen any palm trees in the northwest. I'm also still getting used to the idea that I live somewhere people vacation. Like, a lot of people. They come here. The ocean is only 4o minutes away. That's the drive from Pullman to Lewiston...so weird.

So, after all that, I give you a sampling of the fall color. Please excuse the focus issues on some of the photos...they were taken on a cell phone, after all.

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