love love lost

Who's a Lost fan? Anyone out there?

I got hooked when Brandon and Ben and I spent Christmas at my parent's house two years ago. There was a huge storm that knocked out power in the region for over a week.

Lemme tell ya somthin': there isn't much to do in winter when the power is out and you live in the north part of the northern hemisphere. That means short days. Long nights. And a generator that can power the basics plus a TV and DVD player.

We chose Lost because it was the most entertainment for our buck, so to speak. Movies only last so long, but Lost's episodes are an hour long each. That gives you 20+ hours of chilly distraction.

And I love love it so. Lost. Sigh. Sawyer. You know you like him. It's silly to deny it. Really, stop embarrassing yourself.

I found this to tide you over until "early 2009" when the best show on TV comes back for another season of no repeats. If you are curious, I'm Prince Charles. I'm sure he has his reasons. And if you are curious as to the location of the island and other mappy information? This site is for you.

An aside: "No repeats" was awesome when it was just me and Brandon and I wasn't too busy. Now, with no repeats, I have to be committed to the relationship my butt has with our couch each week for Lost. Oh, we don't have DVR or TIVO (are they the same thing? I have no idea), so there's no watching at our convenience.

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Jaclyn said...

You know I am right there with you in the love of all things Lost. By the way, Sawyer calls me Betty. :-)