The purpose of this post is twofold.

One: I almost won a $100 gift certificate to Amazon at The Pioneer Woman's homeschool quiz. Boo to me.

Two: I have a new diet plan. I'm calling it "Lazy Anorexic." It came to me in the wee hours of the morning when I had to get up to work out. I sat in my friend's car wondering out loud why it's so much easier to be fat than skinny. I then wondered if there was a way to loose weight that didn't involve me getting up in the wee hours to work out.


I realized that if I slept all the time and didn't eat, I would totally lose weight. The idea of sleeping all the time greatly outweighs (HA) any discomfort that hunger will cause, I'm sure. I'm looking into writing a book and coming out with some pre-packaged diet aids (water and sleep medication) to help counteract the fact that I'll have to quit my job to focus on sleeping. Anyone else interested?

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AngMomof3 said...

Me! Me! Me!

I like sleeping just about as much as I like eating. Good plan.

I have a background in marketing and can send my resume if you're looking to hire. We could come up with a catchy tag line like "Sleep the Pounds Away" or "Bearable Dieting" (yes pun intended)... speaking of bears... they don't look too skinny this time of year. Maybe it's harder than it sounds. How long do you propose it will take to shed the pounds to skinnyness??? Hmmmm...