a good day

Today was a good day. Today, I conquered pizza. Pizza now stands before me, shivering and alone. I own pizza.

It didn't start out that way. I used the recipe for dough and sauce from my favorite cookbook, which hasn't let me down yet. I made the dough in my food processor (the one that was my grandma's...so it's up in years), which would have been great, except for the fact that the dough was threatening to kill my beloved little appliance. I thought "hey, it looks like it's done. I'll take this opportunity to take it out of the food processor and start kneading. Brandon and Birdy will be so impressed with my mad yeast dough kneading skillz when they come back from their walk."

However. The dough was, um, a little wet. A little sticky. And I was a prisoner to sticky dough hands, which rival freezing cold meatball-rolling hands (if you've ever rolled a six month supply of meatballs, let me know. We'll form a club). I couldn't really touch anything without it getting horribly sticky and doughy. And that stuff doesn't clean well. I promise you that.

Long story short, Brandon and Birdy make it home in time to plug in my mixer (you never fail me, Old Red) and start this kneading thing for real. I kneaded by hand forever after the mixer, and thought I had ruined the dough.


The pizza and homemade sauce were great. This photo is before it went into the oven.

This is after a raging hot 500 degree oven.

This is after Birdy, Ben, Brandon and me attacked it.

Birdy was so kind as to provide us with a show after dinner. She got down and busy to Beyonce's Put a Ring on It. Hilarious. I highly recommend checking out the clip of her wicked dance moves.
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Jill said...

Birdy dances better than me! So flippin' cute! I made Roy watch it too!

Oh, and promise you'll make that pizza if I come visit. I drooled on my computer keyboard looking at it!!

Htr said...

Pizza: looked stinkin' delicious. Nice work.

Baby Girl: OMG. I almost cried cuz I miss her sunshiney face. Those are wicked sweet dance moves. Glad she's old enough now that you'll still have someone to have dance parties with. Take another video when she embraces Michael Jackson Fridays.