oh hi

Birdy is playing with Mr. and Mrs. Potato head. I was tempted to get her another Mrs. and have them be Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head with Extra Lesbian Lover. But I didn't, even though it would be culturally relevant since we are so close to San Francisco. But it made me chuckle anyway. She might show up regardless; if so, I'm sure photos will follow.

She insists on making potato versions of Brandon and myself. I usually have wings instead of ears, and wear high heels. Anyone who knows me knows I look like that all the time.  Except for when I wear my flowered hat and 3 purses.

It's sunny and nice and California like here. Is it still winter where you are? That's too bad. Perhaps you should move down here. Stanford is hiring.


AngMomof3 said...

Well, HI!!! So good to hear from you. :)

When you refer to Stanford hiring "down here" is it safe to assume you're suggesting it to your friends in the North???

Team Thompson said...

Ah ha! I saw a lady walking around with two purses the other day and thought it might have been you. I soon realized it was silly to think it was you because you always carry three!

Brianna said...

Okay, I will move down there, but only if you volunteer to carry my wallet around in one of your three purses. And also if I can steal Eva to do fun projects.