how to test a grass allergy

1. Get idea to take pictures outside.
2. Decide "almost naked is surely best" in regards to specimen attire.
3. Go outside.
4. Put specimen on grass
5. Take tons of pictures of aforementioned specimen.
6. Go inside.
7. Do not notice any rash until giving specimen a bath.
8. Wonder if they make benadryl for babies.
9. Find no evidence of such medication.
10. Chalk this one up to "lesson learned."

We did get some great pictures of Birdy today, and the tummy rash was worth it. Along with the rash on my forearms.

Brandon and I tripped ourselves on up to Spokane yesterday to spend money on Birdy and visit our friends Shelby and Joel. It was a good time, and our other friends Jason and Randi (The Croyles!) had a good time keeping Birdy company back at home.

I also want to wish my good friend Anita HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :-)

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