things i love

1. I love classic rock. I love the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, ELO (don't bring me down Bruce!!) (I'm pretty sure I'm ELO's only fan), and more. It's great.

2. I like movies like American Beauty, Office Space, and When Harry Met Sally.

3. I like HBO.

4. I like Dane Cook.

This is in response to Jon's post on Christian Secular Culture Disclaimer. So, I'm coming out loud and proud and stating how awesome the aforementioned items are. Please check it out and feel free to post your secret-secular likes.

I mean, God talked to a guy in a burning bush. I didn't expect to see Him in Office Space, but there he was, challenging me to be a better employee. Or something.


AngMomof3 said...

Yup. I read Jon's CSCD post the "morning after" I posted a FB status update proclaiming my rediculous love of The Bachelor.

Not sure how God will work through that show to help me grow as a christian... but I'll keep you posted.

London Tierney said...

Um, new dane cook cd out NOW! I haven't given it a listen but I'm fully psyched. And...wow...maybe I should read the comments and addresses on my etsy orders from now on. I was clueless, not even paying attention. Don't judge me, Jesus hates judgers.