this land is your land, this land is my land

Hello, my 3.6 readers.

I have good news, and bad news.

We are moving to a place where people are tanned, blonde, and beautiful. As we are going to a highly selective university that may or may not be located in the Silicon Valley, we know at least that we will not be surrounded by valley girls.

Like, fer sherrr.

I am happy and sad about it.

I've been at RSU for seven years (for those keeping track at home that is equivilent to the age of a second grader, or roughly 27% of my life. For me, that is a lot.

I've never lived in a state that didn't border Canada. The last time I was in California, people asked me if I was FROM Canada.

I'm excited for new opportunities, for meeting friends that I don't know about yet, and for being able to go to a park and play at any time of the year.

I'm going to miss seeing all 3.6 of you on a regular basis. But, SCU is just a mere 18 hour drive from RSU! It's like I'm still down the street! And we're on the way to Disney Land (only 6 hours away)!

I'll be posting developments as they come up, and will be redesigning the web site banner to reflect us birds migrating south for the next few years.


Jessy said...

What... leaving Washington huh? BUMMER! I had heard about interviews in Monmouth and Cali- so knew there was a chance. Oh you'll be missed, that's for sure- I'll see even less of you and birdy!

Before you leave will you be coming through to see Birdy's grandparents? Let us know, or will you be coming to the family camping trip in August?

Jessy said...

Well since we have yet to introduce bug to her god parents that live in Arizona, perhaps I will have to find a reason to make a combined trip down south!

Keep us updated on the moving and camping trip, and such. I'm excited for you all, but bummed you'll be even further away.