stuff and junk

We've been out of the YMCA loop for a week, since Birdy got the sniffles and the runny noseles two Saturdays ago. Since then, I've worked out once. I felt that it made me sore enough for six workouts, so it all evens out in the end. :-)

But today, I am back in busniess.

I ran for five straight minutes. I feel pretty proud of myself, considering the last time I did that was about a year ago. What makes me laugh is how I kept myself motivated during the longest 5 minutes of 2010: "yes, this sucks, but isn't intense nausea even worse?"

If this is how I'm going to get through this whole business, I think "this is better than throwing up" is a good slogan.

Do you have a slogan for your weight loss?


Katie said...

I think whatever gets you moving is a good mantra, so you work it! I don't have a slogan but feel like I need one. Not necessarily to get me through my workout, but mainly to get me TO my workout. For me, it's the getting out of bed in the morning that is the hardest part. It's gonna have to be a pretty strong mantra to complete with cushy pillows and warm blankets.

Michael said...

It's not really a slogan, I guess it's more of a technique, but it works for me. The gym I was at had TVs over the ellipticals, plugging in my headphones and watching TV was enough to distract me from the workout. It didn't make the gym fun, but it made working out suck a little less... At least until the commercial break. A word of warning: Avoid the Food Network and Comedy Central, being hungry and laughing both suck when you are trying to run.