Hi, my name is Heather B., and I'm an Olympoholic.

Saying I'm addicted is a little bit of an understatement. The summer Olympics is like black tar heroin to me. I can't get enough, my relationships are effected by it, and I will go to any lengths to watch them.

My husband (HA! You're finally mentioned) is an Olympics widow during this time, and he seems to be taking it very well, considering he doesn't care at all about sports like women's soccer, dressage, synchronized diving, or trap shooting.

That's right...I watch it all. My favorites are swimming, diving, track and field, and gymnastics. But if it's on NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, or USA I'm on it like white on rice.

I get a huge adrenaline rush from watching people do well and exceed their expectations. Sometimes, I get a little emotional. You heard me right: sometimes I cry.

So, please know that I'm a little nervy right now since I have to go to work and not watch streaming video or anything. Plus, the time difference is a bitch since I've been staying up so late.

Now...I think some esoteric equestrian event or women's weight lifting is on.

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Anita Cory said...

Interesting...is that why we haven't heard a peep out of you?

Camryn just yesterday said, "we need to call the Bracketts and have them over. We haven't seen them in SOOOOOOOOO long!" Cute, huh? she is like your very own fan club:)