is that what I think it is?

I know what you are thinking. You're thinking, "Good sweet sassy molassy! What is that delictable little treat I see?" That, my hungry friend, is a little something called pretzel jello salad. You may not be familiar with it, and that is a mighty shame.

Pretzel jello salad is composed of a pretzel crust bottom, a cream cheese and cool whip creamy middle, and a jello and fruit topping. Traditionally, the top is strawberry jello and strawberries, but I like mine with raspberries and raspberry jello.

I'm currently crafting one for a work pot luck tomorrow, and I'm totally stoked. I know you are jealous, but not all of us can work at WSU's financial aid office. I'm sure your time will come soon.

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Anita Cory said...

Oh friend...am I familiar with that sweet delicious dessert, known in my home as "strawberry pretzel dessert". In fact, it was the #1 craved item during all 3 of my pregnancies.

Hope you are well!