farmer's market

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On Saturday, Ben, Birdy and myself went to the farmer's market a few streets over from the University. It was fairly small, but there was a lot of good stuff there. I got some spinach (for free!), potatoes, these apricot hybrid things that are delish, green onions, three samosas, and these tiny, incredibly tasty grapes (see photo for proof of tiny-ness--my hands are small, so keep that in mind too). AND, it was all for less than $10. Booyah.

With this, we've:
dad chicken caesar salad
grilled potatoes with our bbq
apricot thingies and grapes for snacks for several days
eaten the samosas
dreamt about next Saturday and eating more samosas

To be honest, the samosas didn't last more than an hour after they were purchased. There was a tiny Indian woman at the market selling naan, curries, samosas and other tasty things. She kept giving Ben samples of everything she was selling...he nearly got a full meal out of it. We both bought the samosas, which are fried dumplings filled with potatoes, peas, spices, and deliciousness. Birdy also loved them, which meant less for me.

I saved one for when we got home, and proceeded to eat it and watch Bend it Like Beckham, a movie about an Indian girl from England who plays soccer and ends up at Santa Clara. It was only fitting.

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