the good, the bad, and the annotated list

Awesome things that have happened since Friday:
1. My best good friend Brianna got married.

2. I went to Canada for the first time ever. To celebrate, my parents bought 3 giant things of booze at the Duty Free (okay, it was just a good deal, not necessarily a celebration).

3. We've been in the hot tub nearly every day.

4. I've got my Birdy Cuddle Index maxed out.

5. We had italian sausage sandwiches last night and everyone really liked the sauce I made.

6. My parents got a brand new washer and dryer. They are about as quiet as you'd imagine a whispering unicorn to be, if you had ever imagined a whispering unicorn.

7. I found out our new apartment has not only a new washer and dryer, but a dishwasher too. It's okay. You can be jealous. I don't mind.

Not so awesome things that have happened since Friday:

1. My parent's washer broke big time at 7:30 on Sunday night. A mad scramble ensued, and a new washer and dryer were in by 11pm that night. The previous washer and dryer were older than my brother, so they've earned a rest.

2. Birdy keeps dunking herself in the hot tub. That girl has no fear.

3. I haven't been able to drink coffee with Randi. Boo.

4. Chloe, the Super Bitchy Family Dog, has growled and lunged at Birdy already. No one feels that bad for her being on the other side of the baby gate.

5. Brandon left on Saturday. :-( (this one counts as two entries on the list)

6. Birdy has forgotten the joy of an early bed time and sleeping through the night.

1 comment:

Jessy said...

Yeah for the awesome things. . . but what is Birdy Cuddle Index? and how is it mapped out?

Boo on Brandon leaving- when will you be joining him?

And why is Birdie's dunking self on the not so awesome list? Hmmm.

Take care! J.