A friend recommended the book Babywise to help regulate Eva's sleep schedule. We're on day one...currently, there is little success. I put her down for a nap (napping, according to Babywise, is a learned skill), and there has been much weeping and gnashing of teeth as a result. She didn't go down at all for the first nap, and cried for about 35 minutes with a period of sleep lasting 5 minutes during the crying. Round two has had her crying for about 5 minutes so far. The Babywise Gurus say that after 15 minutes of crying, you should go in, pick the baby up, and comfort her. If I was the pissed off baby that is now in her bassinet, I would deck the adult who comes in only to pick me up and put me back down, when clearly I'm having none of this nap nonsense. It's a good thing she's just a baby and can't hit very hard yet.

We also went in for a lactation consult earlier today, to find out that she hasn't been latching on correctly. Sigh. This baby thing is more complicated than I thought. I mean, I knew it wasn't a walk in the park, but the things that I thought would come easy (sleeping, eating) has thus far proved elusive. Personally, I could be described as a sleeping eating machine, and it's obvious that those traits were not inherited.

The thing is, she's crying right now, and she sounds so...mad. I mean, sleep is a great thing. I enjoy it immensely. So why are we having so much sadness over something so great? Coupled with the fact that my husband is a resident hall director (meaning we have an apartment in a college dorm) and our bedroom wall is shared by a poor student next door, there are three frustrated people who are a little tired of the crying.

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