there's nothing like the sweet smell of lysol in the afternoon

Since I've been home with the baby and the not having to go to work, I've found that many of my pre-baby habits have gone to the wayside.

For one, I actually clean everyday. Before the Eva arrived, I cleaned about once a week when things got bad. And when I say "cleaned" I mean the living room, kitchen and bathroom got a once over. Today, I vacuumed, CLEANED THE STOVE (gasp), and cleaned the kitchen counters. I cleaned and organized Eva's room yesterday, mopped, and swept. Tomorrow, I plan on tackling the bedroom and deep cleaning the bathroom. I'm not really sure what's coming over me, I just hope I can keep it up. I'm not sure what I'll do when the whole house is cleaned...but I'm sure it involves several bags of garbage and a trip to Goodwill.

My friend April read this book about a woman who went through Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking (not sure if it was both volumes) in one year. I fear I might do that with my The Best Recipe cookbook if I run out of cleaning, organizing, and purging. On the other hand, family and friends will be on the receiving end of delish dishes.

As for the sleeping, I've given up on Babywise. Perhaps I'll start with that when she's older, but for now, she's sleeping through the night already. I'm working on her being able to put herself to sleep during nap time. So far, it's been hit and miss.

The baby is napping, and I believe I will follow suit.

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