Our little neice was born yesterday! Her name is Brenna, and she weighs 10 pounds and is 21.5 inches long. The really impressive thing was that her mom, Brittany, pushed her out in 30 MINUTES. What a champ. She's a little cutie pie, and she looks like Eva and her cousin Hannah. We're getting pictures of the three girls and their moms when we go to visit Brandon's family next week. I'm looking forward to seeing tiny little babies!

I also just finished writing my last paper. I graduate with my master's degree this Saturday, and I'm so excited to be done with school for ever and ever amen. No more education, I say! At least for now, I suppose. I might have a lapse of sanity and go for a doctorate. I hope that someone pinches me before I commit and pay tuition.

Yesterday I started Weight Watchers in an attempt to loose the vestiges of Eva on my hips and butt. I hope things go well and I can fit into my clothes soon. I told myself that if I haven't made significant progress by Christmas, I'm getting rid of all the stuff I have that doesn't fit me. If you are a 12/14, you might want to get on the waiting list for some super swanky clothes.

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