one bourbon, one scotch, one beer (and other things i should probably avoid)

The other things, you might ask? My mom and aunt came this past weekend, and that always means delicious foods in generous quantities. Namely, my mom brought her rice crispie treats, which she always made for me to take in and share for my birthday in elementary school, complete with little mallowcreme pumpkins on top (which might possibly be the greatest confectionery treat this world has ever seen). The little delights are peanut butter crispie treats with chocolate on top.
Sigh. So good. So yummy.

Needless to say, those combined with the jambalaya pasta and eating out has made all baby weight loss plans go to the wayside this weekend. There's always tomorrow to start being healthier. Unless there are still left over rice crispie treats. Then it'll start the day after tomorrow.

I love it when family comes to visit. However much I like living in Pullman and the friends we have here, I still would rather be closer to our family any day. My brother David and I grew up far away from extended family members, and even then, we were the two youngest grandkids. We didn't get to have a lot of fun with cousins, especially Dave, since he's three years younger than I am, and the next closest cousin age-wise is a year older than me and lived in Minnesota.

I'm glad for Eva's sake that she's going to have cousins her age, and I hope that we live close to everyone that she grows up with a strong sense of family. I also hope that she loves her immediate family as much as I love mine. My dad, mom, and brother are some of the best friends I have, and some of the most entertaining.

My brother has started to play softball for the parks and rec league he's in. He's the youngest on the team by about 6 years, which I think gave him a false sense of athleticism. Don't get me wrong, he's strong and really fast, but he assumes that if you are older you are slower. Those assumptions went out the window this past weekend when his team got smoked in the tournament they played in this weekend. Those old guys are pretty good...and I think he realizes that now.
All this typing make me hungry...rice crispie time.

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