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I'm going on a scrapbooking retreat later on in
February, and to alliviate future stress I'm going through and editing pictures and organizing them so I can finish as many layouts as possible. It's been surprisingly fun for a variety of reasons, but the best part is re-discovering this snapshot.

We were at a photo studio getting all three little cousins' (their birthdays are within 2 months of each other) pictures taken. One of the other little girls was being photographed at this point, and Brandon's dad got this photo of a sleeping 2-month old Birdy and Brandon.

I can't believe she was that little! It makes me a little sad, but also a little glad because she is learning so much every day. She's getting more confidant with walking and standing, and experimenting with the "ma," "da," "mmm" and "la/lu" sounds. Her two teeth are getting bigger, and she giggles. I love a good giggle.

We had our first swimming lessons today, and Birdy (as always) enjoyed her time in the water. Unlike her mother, Birdy does not have the benefit of knowing where she was concieved (shudder) to explain her affinity for baths and pools...so she just must have come by it naturally. I hope that she sticks with swimming.

All the cool kids do it. Like me. And Michael Phelps.

But mostly me.

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