lost and found

Yesterday, Lost began it's fifth season, and we rang in the glorious day with FISH BISCUITS.

For those of you who don't watch Lost, Sawyer and Kate were held captive by the Others a few seasons ago in these cages that were used for polar bears. Sawyer figured out how to get the fish biscuits by stepping on something and throwing something else. The biscuits--understandably--tasted like fish. They were for polar bears. And yes, it's a tropical island they are on. But it was food, and if you are as good looking as Sawyer, you need to keep up your strength.
And if we are going to talk about the great thing that Jaclyn did, I'm going to need you to get over the whole "polar bears are named polar bears for a reason and I'm pretty sure that doesn't involve the equator."

She had quite a Dharma Initiative spread for us last night, including these:

I know, right?! Totally awesome!

It was the highlight of the evening. Also, her turkey burgers were amazing. And the babies liked each other. And Strawberry hasn't taught Birdy how to walk yet. And Lost blew my mind. And I dressed up as Sawyer, and Jaclyn was a Drive Shaft fan, and Chad was Daniel. It was good, nerdy fun.

The fish biscuit recipe and template can be found here.

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