i'm a lemming

So everyone's been doing this "25 Things" thing, where you list 25 random things about yourself. I feel too boring, but we'll see how boring I feel when I'm done.

1. I'm a financial aid counselor.

2. I like to craft things. That's generally any "thing," but specifically jewelry or scrapbooking or something.

3. I have a real-life spouse and a work-spouse. Htr is my work spouse, and she is funny and good at telling stories. She also likes coffee like me. It's like we were made for each other!

4. I got better grades in college than I did in high school...and worked just about the same amount, it seemed like.

6. I met my husband in student government, because I'm a nerd and junk.

7. I've never done drugs. Ever. Which, given the people I hung out with in high school, is a little bit of a miracle.

8. I've never owned an mp3 player until last year. Eva and Brandon got a little one for me.

9. I've started to train for a 5k. I haven't run since junior year of high school.

10. I've swam competitively for 8 years.

11. Besides my husband, I enjoy spending time with my brother the most. He's easy to hang out with when he isn't busy being moody or more popular than me.

12. Speaking of family, they are awesome. My idea of a perfect vacation would be my mom, dad, brother, Brandon and Eva just hanging out somewhere.

13. When asked what is interesting about me, a coworker said "I don't know."

14. She amended her previous statement by saying that she learns a new word whenever she's around me. She's going to learn the meaning of "knuckle sandwich" next.

15. I like beer.

16. I like my glasses. I need to make an appointment to get new ones. My favorite pair of glasses were black, but had stripes of bright blue. They were super sweet. The ones I have now are a little more conservative, and I'm looking to jazz it up.

17. The vet school used to take dogs to the field outside my window, and my office spouse would narrate the dog's thoughts. It was hilarious.

18. I like coffee. And beer.

19. I am trying to get into photo editing for Birdy's scrapbook, and the thing that keeps me from REALLY getting into the process is how freaking long it takes. Yeesh.

20. I've mentioned my family a lot, but I love my mom. She gives the best hugs.

21. I was six weeks old when my parents moved to Minnesota from Washington, and 2 when we moved to Wisconsin, four when we moved to Pennsylvania, and 8 when we moved back to Washington. Because of this, I could ace any geography test of the U.S. and learned to spell some of the most difficult states.

22. I learned in second grade that Pennsylvania was named after William Penn, the colony's founder, and "sylvania" meant forest. Thus, Pennsylvania was Penn's Forest.

23. In first grade I learned the word "crestfallen" in a book we were reading in class, and proceeded to use it as often as possible.

24. I love it when it snows, and melting snow with bare patches of brown makes me feel crestfallen.

25. I graduated with my undergraduate degree with less credits than I should have to complete a bachelor of arts, yet I met my degree requirements with a minor in Spanish. Oh, and I did it in three years.

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