pop quiz

Say you saw this:

What would your thoughts be?

a) Jackpot. I can sell these photos to a tabloid and be set for life.

b) Jackpot. I have found the crowning jewel of yard statuary.

c) Jackpot. I have something to put as number one in "Top Ten Dumbest Things I Have Ever Seen."

d) What the Helen of Troy is that thing?!

If you guessed letter "b," you would be like my husband, who purchased this small(ish) statue as a gift to my parents for their newly re-landscaped backyard.

And no, I'm really not kidding on this one.

1 comment:

AngMomof3 said...

Wow. Now that's a gift. When you say "small-ish"... just how small is that?

Jackpot. Something else I don't feel compelled to spend my money on.

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