I think I'm pretty lucky.

There are a lot of people out there who make my life better because I know them (if you are thinking, "does she mean me?", I do. Really). Some people I don't know as much as I would like.

Angela, you are one of those people.

My good pal Anita (and currently my longest-time-known friend at RSU) introduced me to Angela by way of Ladies' Craft Night, hosted at the church we all attend. As someone who is slightly (okay, more than I would like to admit) agoraphobic, this is/was the best way for me to meet people. I'm not one to stand around and chat before and after church. The "meet your neighbor and shake their hand" part of church makes me sweat, and I try to look nonchalant when really I want to just sit down and take part of church in a more anonymous fashion. Like, a lot of anonymous. As in, I think I'll just listen to the podcast of the sermon in my house. In my pajamas. Eating pancakes. With no one but Brandon and Birdy (who would undoubtedly eat ALL the pancakes. Piggy).

But this is getting a little off the subject. Let's get back to Angela.
Angela is awesome, and from what I've known about her so far, she is incredibly genuine, a devoted mom, and insanely creative. I like that. I want to BE that, you know? After the boo-hoo posts last night due to The Biggest Loser, she sent me a link for Cathy Zielsky's blog, who also happened to catch an episode of TBL. It was a good post. It was funny. It made me read more of her blog. That, dear internets, isn't good. Don't other bloggers know to not be so interesting? Don't they know I have enough to read? Harumph.

And mostly, it was good because it showed me that someone takes interest in me. As the slight-agoraphobic person, I tend to make a career out of being somewhat invisible (or is it opaque, or transparent?) so that I'm not noticed too much.

So thanks, Angela. You rock. And, I'm looking forward to Saturday (even though there will be people there I don't know) (Eek) (I'm already getting clammy).


AngMomof3 said...

Seriously. You're the best. You know how to make a crazy lady feel great!

Once again I'm a bit speechless but thankful for you the intelligent, articulate, crafty and HI-larious gal from Craft Night!

See you Sat.

AngMomof3 said...

Maybe you shouldn't get to know me better. I may not be all you chalked me up to be! :)

Anita Cory said...

OK...HB...AL is all she is cracked up to be. Add to her list of many kind deeds "making AC a funnel cake on her birthday" (not rubbing it in...sorry).

Also, you will know almost everyone on Saturday. London from the PPDT is probably the only friend you don't know...yet.

Please stop sweating:)