finding peace

Peeps, you may remember that I wrote about Stuff Christians Like a while ago. I love reading Jon's daily posts, and it makes me feel good about myself. Or I laugh at myself. Or I laugh at my church. Either way, it makes me smile (or at least smirk).

A few weeks ago, Jon posted an essay on thinking we were naked.

Not really naked, you know, but alluding to the Adam and Eve story where God is super bummed that Adam ate Eve's fruit and ruined the party. God was sad because someone (I'm looking at you, Satan) made them feel like God didn't love them. And he did. And does. And after a week or so of having a pretty big pity party (complete with cake!!) about myself, I remembered that I'm not naked. That I'm fine, and actually...better than fine. I invite you to read the Thinking You're Naked post.

And when you are done, I hope you also realize that you aren't naked. You're perfect.

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