i dig your style, dude

First off: Angela, I stole you photo. I would say I'm sorry, but...but...I needed a photo!

Second: I'M ON THE DESIGN TEAM! You may (or may not) remember that I tried out for the Paper Pals' design team at the end of March. After a long time of inpatient waiting (which was really like a week), Shawna called and offered me a place! I was giving a presentation to new students and their parents at the time, so I made a really great impression when "Business Time" went off. I feel like it really brought the presentation a little bit of pizazz, you know?If you are not familiar with the musical masterpiece that is Business Time (or Flight of the Conchords, for that matter), here it is:

Side note: I've used a lot of parenthesis in this post (sorry).

Anyhoo, I'm totally stoked, and really really flattered. It's on thing to think that you are creative, and another thing entirely for someone else to think so.

When I tried out/applied for the Design Team, I had to choose things that exemplified my style. I hadn't thought too much about my style before hand, other than "wow, I am a Frugal Frannie when it comes to scrapbooking." After some thought, there are three things that I do on pretty much every layout: pictures and journaling are lined at up at right angles, I write out my journaling by hand, and I use Stickles. The photo below has all three elements on it, and was one that I turned in.

This is from the "Dear Eva" set of layouts in Birdy's baby book. The letter is from my brother David. He's great. :-)

So, in closing: yay for me! And thank you Shawna and Karen, for giving me this opportunity!


AngMomof3 said...

Woot woot!

Glad you stole the photo. Posts are never as good w/out the visuals. And I LOVE the layout you posted too. I love your style. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE!!!

(P.S. Maybe I'll steal one of your photos later... maybe one of your layouts that I could pass off as my own... :)

Karen said...

We are very excited to have you on our team!