morning musings

I am a sleep junkie. I love it. When I was in high school, I read the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, and the only thing that really stuck with me was when the daughter (I can't remember her name) was talking about her mom, Viviene, and her love for sleep. Viviene once told her daughter that she could taste sleep like a BLT sandwich.

That is the way it is with me, and one of the things that I worried about most when I had Birdy. I mourned my loss of sleeping in, of afternoon naps, of spending the entire day in bed reading. Also in the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Viviene had a nervous breakdown and left her family. When she left, she checked into a hotel and slept for something like a week straight. This was something I was worried about when I had Birdy too. Would the lack of sleep cause me to go crazy? I would obsess over this, as pregnant women are wont to do (part of me still worries about it, but I can ignore the little naggle of worry most of the time).


Having Birdy has introduced me to the joy of mornings. Everything is fresh and new. The air feels different. The sun is the clearest it will be all day. No one else is up except for the two of us. I walk into Birdy's room, grumpy and bitter about my sleep being interrupted, and I'm greeted by Birdy's smiling face.

Her smiles are better than coffee.

I have come to love mornings, and that is something I never thought was possible.

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Jessica & Makayla said...

So true! Bitter and grumpy until they smile lovingly even though you are resembling Oscar....oh yes.....