dear eva

A while ago, I mentioned a project I've been working on for Birdy's baby book. I asked family members to write a letter to her with things they want her to know and things they hope she does. The only page (gah) that is completed has the letters from my budder David and Brandon's dad Jerry. It happens to be my favorite (and not just because it's the only one that's done. Really.) so far.

I'm excited that Birdy is going to be growing up with a family who loves her and loves each other. Family is the most important thing that we have on earth, and I consider it a blessing that we truly enjoy each other's company and love spending time with each other. This is more precious to me as I get older and see that many people don't get to share that joy.

Yes, that is my kitchen floor in the upper right hand corner. No, I don't have a better place to take pictures at night. Yes, that is my handwriting. No, Anita, I haven't made it into a font yet. :-)

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