ah. mah. gahd.

Let me tell you a story about Wee Heather.

I've always loved swimming, and I've always been good at it. This was the case when I was four or five, and swam up a few levels in swim lessons. We were mostly in the deep end, and it made me feel like a big girl.

Then something terrible happened.

One day, before swim lessons, I was hanging out and watching some cartoons. Popeye was on, and in this episode Popeye is at the pool. Swimming, splashing, having a good time. Then, that meanie Bluto let...um...uh...oh man, this is tough. He let SHARKS into the pool. That messed me up.

When you are Wee, you can't see over the kickboard you are using to see the bottom of the pool. Also, because it is swim lessons, you can't use goggles, also hindering your ability to see the bottom and to investigate a shark situation.

Needless to say, I developed a huge fear of swimming in the deep end. I was only safe on the walls, so I got to be pretty fast. I didn't want to get eaten.

I did get over my fear of sharks in the pool eventually. However, it's still really hard for me to swim in a lake, pond, or the ocean. You don't know what might be swimming by ready to touch you or eat you. Yucky.

So you will imagine my surprise and SHOCK when I saw this yesterday. The good news is that the shark died, and cannot share the secret of swimming pools with her friends. And I honestly can tell you that I don't think I can go to Atlantis resort now.

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