frugal frannie strikes again

So. I spent the last four hours figuring out more about my Photoshop Elements program. I learned many things, like how to add a drop shadow and just how complicated it is to erase something, and how far I will go to pay more attention to my computer screen than mah sweet bebe. The answer to that one is a little embarrassing. Moving on to better things. Seriously, move on. Stop dwelling on the baby comment. It wasn't bad. But it did involve an Exersaucer and some stuffed animals.

So ask me, Dear Reader, how cheap your pal Heather is. Come on. Ask.

Oh, you twisted my arm! Okay, I'm so cheap that I am making my own photo cards this year. Paying upwards of $.50 a card is ludicrous. So, I'm using my Photoshop to make my own 4x6 cards and will get them developed at Costco for [I'm going to need your best drum roll here, please] $.13!!!!!!!! That's right. For $6.50 I'm getting photo cards. This will come in handy, because I'm already planning on giving my left arm in exchange for stamps.

I cannot tell you how proud of myself I am. What a Frugal Frannie I am! Best of all, all of the elements used in the card are free downloads over at Shabby Princess, who happens to rock my face off. I used two of her holiday downloads, and I think it was quite nice of her to use the same colors for her free holiday download two years and a row. Kudos to you SB!

I think it paid off--this is the photo card I made for this year:
All you need to do is imagine a nice festive picture of Birdy in that large blue space and wah-lah: Christmas Cheer. For 13 cents.

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