and a merry christmas to you too!

Hello everyone!

I've emerged from the land of Dial Up to the prosperous nation of Faster Than Dial Up but Not High Speed. Thus, another blog post is upon us.

Christmas was eventful--with all the snow and everything, we managed to get to Brandon's folks' house in 9 hours (it usually takes us about 7 or so), which is pretty good, considering half the drive was compact snow and ice and we almost died. Just kidding.

But not really.

Don't ask.

But we got to Longview, alive and in one piece. My brother and sister in law came up the next day with their cutie pie Butter Bean (she is a chunk of a baby!) and Birdy and Butter Bean had good times pulling hair, giving open mouth kisses, and stealing toys from each other. The girls are adorable together. I think Birdy is missing her little friend now that she's all alone up here at my parent's house.

Birdy's first Christmas was...eventful. She looked super cute in her little dress (photos coming soon), and had fun with paper and boxes. She was very spoiled by her Grammie and Grandpa, but that's to be expected. Her favorite toy (shudder) is a Noah's ark that makes all kinds of music and sounds. With no "off" setting. And all at full volume. I thought I could be creative and dim the noise, but 8 layers of tissue and packing tape has done nothing. And, the "silencer" I crafted actually looks pretty good. You can't really tell I did anything unless you knew I did something. Or something.

Christmas with my side of the family happens on the first, and Christmas with my dad's side of the family happens on the third. Wish us luck.

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