we need to talk

Have I mentioned that I love Today's Creative Blog? No? Well I do. A lot. And there are some blogs that I follow now that I didn't before Anita told me about TCB.

The newest one is Susie Can Stitch. Susie is awesome. I want to make what Susie makes. I want the fabrics Susie has. I want the sewing machine Susie's daughter uses. One problem though...I don't sew. But that's okay! Because I embroider! And so does Susie! She also has an Etsy shop [stay tuned for a post about my other other other love affair...ETSY.] so I can order her things and pretend that I could have made them.

And I'm sure I could. In the same way that a room full of monkeys could type one of Shakespeare's plays.

For more felty, Susie Stitchy goodness, check out her Flickr photostream.

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