Highlights from the past week:

Seeing parents times 2: We are so blessed to have parents who are still married and like each other! Plus, it makes holidays easier. I don't want four sets of each holiday. Blech.

Grandma Eva finished my blanket! Wee!

Seeing Joe, Brittany (and I'm still not certain how to correctly spell it--I'm sorry!) and Brenna.

We got to see Portland AND visit with an old professor of ours and his sweet boys. Chez Jose East, you have my eternal allegiance due to your margaritas and lime chicken enchiladas.

Good down time.

Snuggles with Birdy Bean.

I got the Best. Pants. Ever. They are green. They are also awesome.

We got to see mah BFFFFFFF (there are a lot of forevers in there) Jessica TWICE. Take that suckas. Plus, those two times were for a concert and for XXX Root Beer in Issaquah. AND we got to see her daughter, the Mak Attack.

I went to Stuffy's. Twice. And had their Stuff. Twice. Suckas times 2.

Hot tub at mah parent's. I could marry that thing. AND DON'T THINK I HAVEN'T THOUGHT ABOUT IT.

Making pumpkin pies with Birdy and mah Tater (my dad. Long story for that name). We have good pictures of it, they are coming as soon as he sends them to me. It might be a while.

Christmas tree hunting at the tree farm mah brudder works at. We had him, Tim Tim and Gwen help us find a tree. Now THAT'S service. That's our friend Rylie on the home page.

And believe me, I could have put more links in this post. I just didn't want to hurt your clicking finger. And I'm all about preserving your clicking finger.

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