harrison john, or why i can't wait until birdy talks

So we went to dinner with our friends as the mama of the house was out of town. Brandon and I had the privilege of sitting near Harrison, who can spell his name with both eyes closed. No fooling. He did it for us just to prove it. And then, just to show off, he did it with only one eye open.

Harrison is in kindergarten, and is learning lots everyday. He also says some of the greatest things I've ever heard. Here are two examples from dinner:

"Bwandon, it's time to shave, holy jeez!"

"Birdy looks like a little fat woman."

In what I believe was an effort to get back at him for that last comment, Birdy grabbed his hair and pulled out some strands when I wasn't looking. A little fat woman has to stand up for herself, you know.

He also always asks several times during the evening if Birdy is a boy or a girl. I'm not quite sure why he can't remember, or doesn't connect the fact that she is wearing something pink every time he sees her. [People who get hand-me-downs like ourselves are not choosers. Hence, most of Birdy's clothes are pink.]


Jessica & Makayla said...

Hillarious!! I can't believe how big Harrison is! And to think that we met him when Makayla was a wee 6 months old at Gulmakos! Now he 's spelling with both his eyes closed?! Geesh, maybe we should get him to teach mak a trick or two!

Anita Cory said...

Hi Friend,
yeah...that's one of my future, rocket scientist kids, Harrison. I mean, it's not just everyone that can spell an eight letter name with their eyes closed. I hope that is on my pre-lims...that would be sweet.

Thanks for posting this...you know how my DH is...he's a don't ask don't tell guy. So, did I ask, "hey did you go out to dinner with Bracketts and did Harrison say anything really funny?" No, I didn't ask that...but thanks to you...I know!