it's a pennypincher! it's a miser! NO! it's frugal frannie!

That's right, she's back.

Last night I made my friend April a holiday card using awesome papers and embellishments from ScrapArtist (that's for you, Angela). April had found some inspiration cards, sent me some photos, and away I went.

I'm also painfully aware this project should have taken me less time than it did. I will admit it went faster than the first two I made. The picture of the whole family was taken when Patrick was chosen as the Cougar Kid or something like that (sorry, April). They got to go down on the field, see the press box, and Patrick got to be on the jumbo screen. There were other exciting things that happened, but you'll have to ask April about those.

So here it is...the finished product:

On a less awesome note, we at Rural State University are snowed in to our side of the state. The coastal areas are going to be experiencing "blizzard-like conditions," "high winds," "one foot of snow" and most importantly "lots of foul language due to weather."

These things are unheard of...especially in an area of the country where 1-2 inches shut down entire metropolitan areas. Ugh.

So, here we are at RSU, with students thinking they are going to get home (keep dreaming those dreams!), while we KNOW we aren't going home. Yet.

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AngMomof3 said...

Gracias, chica! Merry Christmas!