We've been over at the student union building a few times this week, and thankfully I didn't have any cash on me. Why? Because a student group was selling cupcakes that looked like Sesame Street characters. And they were adorable. And Birdy loves Sesame Street. And I love cupcakes.

But I didn't, and it was just yesterday that Brandon brought home a Cookie Monster cupcake, which took him about 3 days longer than I thought it would. He has a way of spoiling her, you see, that can go from 0 to 492 in about .3 seconds.

The following is a public service announcment: cupcakes in the afternoon are not recommended by the surgeon general for those under 5. If you've done it, you'll know why.


Htr said...

Those are the best pictures of a sugar crack-out that I've seen. I love it. And I love those cupcakes!

Katie said...

Birdy: 1, Cupcake: 0

Anonymous said...

she is soooo adorable! love the cupcake, what a cute idea! :)

mommyneedsanap said...

That is one cute cupcake! Oh and the Cookie Monster thing is adorable also. I need to see pics of the other ones--you know I love a fun cupcake idea!