the weiner

Oh peeps, thanks for entering! It was nice to read about what you had for breakfast (points to KP for calling it what it really is: breakie), how awesome I am, how cute Birdy is, and that my Hoosband likes Italian food.

That being said, the big weiner is Jill, comment number 6! Congratulations! Jill, email me with the color/size you would like, and I'll do my best to get it in the mail within 6 months. Just kidding. Kind of.

Can anyone tell me why the post office is the hardest thing to cross of the to-do list? I've had a package that I've been adding to for my best good friend Brianna since the beginning of November. It's shameful, is what it is.


And, it's interesting to note, I smell of bacon, beef, and onions. And it's 12:11 am. Why, you ask? Because I'm a big dumb dummy and started dinner for tomorrow (I guess it's really tonight, at this point), which is stew, which is time consuming, late at night. And the smell of bacon woke Birdy up (THAT'S MY GIRL!). So it's been an evening, to say the least. And I'm due to be up until 1 or 2. And isn't that so incredibly totally awesome in a horrible way?

If anyone wants to hang out with a lady who smells like something Htr or Ron would eat in a heartbeat, I'll be on Facebook.


Kp said...

Yay points for me. I hear you on the mail thing - there is a post office literally twenty feet from my office and I STILL haven't mailed Jilly's Christmas present (This week though Jill, promise.)

mommyneedsanap said...

Hey hey, let's just hold on a minute here--exactly what kind of magical stew are you making that also has bacon? I must know!

Katie said...

Way to go, Birdy. I'd wake up for bacon, too!

And yeah, post office = impossible task. Maybe it's because their hours are so inconvenient. Or they always have long lines. Or I'm just lazy. Hmmm... questions to ponder.

Although, reading your and kp's comments make me feel a little better about not getting some of my Christmas presents sent out yet. Bad Katie!