white all night!

My fellow internets, can we talk? I'm rarely passionate about pop culture or celebrities in general. But I feel a need to stand up for Coco. I mean, seriously. SERIOUSLY.

I love Conan.

He's just so tall. And his hair. It's so floppy, it's surpassed silly and soared on to awesome. I mean, seriously. LOOK AT IT.

And also, we need to talk about how funny he is. 1864 Baseball? Classic. Conan goes to Ireland? Amazing. Conan goes to Finland? Even better.

But Jay. Oh Jay. You had a 6 year heads up to when you were leaving. And you can't bow out like a decent person, and instead you selfish choices and try to blame the netword execs. Also, you can't make those jokes about it because you are the guy causing the drama. I mean, you had a great career as the host of the Tonight Show. But you're time is over. It's time to pass the buck. I mean, seriously. PACK UP THE CHIN, MAN.


AngMomof3 said...

Hopefully another network will be wise enough to scoop up Coco and give him anything he wants... he'll do great and NBC will suffer the consequences. They're the ones who started it and deserve a loss in ratings, I think. They don't deserve to have the HOT comedian!

Anita Cory said...

Hi HB,
Ugh. I totally missed your 200th post, until now. It's been quite a week of ups and downs and I've not been in cyber-land much.

I still totally miss you...even thought I don't call much!

Love your blog and the cute videos (which the entire Cory Fam watched and oo'd over).


you are so right about CoCo. Don't forget about Fallon...he's getting the shaft in all this too, and he has really grown on me!

Kp said...


I think what bothers me the most is the absolute lack of respect for the families. Conan, his staff, crew, band, etc, who all followed this opportunity by uprooting their families' lives and moving literally across the freaking country from everything normal and known to them.

I don't want to say that I'd like to go back to all the ideals of the 1950's, but there was a time when human decency played into big decisions.