jelly belly

This last weekend while my parents and brother visited, we made the pilgrimmage to the Jelly Belly factory. And internets, it was pretty cool. We went on the free tour, which allowed us to spend our money elsewhere in their factory store. Needless to say, many beans were purchased, and many beans were consumed. Yummy.


I think I may have overdosed on the candy beans since last Friday. I have a headache that I believe is from the sugar, and is threatening to derail any progress the 30 Day Shred has made. Boo.

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Jaclyn said...

That looks like a wonderful place of fun and sugar! :-)

AngMomof3 said...

Been there. Done that. So fun. Ate my weight in the Belly Flops.

No fat in jelly beans, so enjoy some without feeling the wrath of Jillian (she can't really find out...)

Kristi said...

Love your blog header design and I also love jelly bellies, strawberry daquiri and raspberry to be exact! Thanks for hopping to my blog so I could hop to yours!