hot blooded

I am a woman.

As a woman, I have needs. These needs are strong, and no cold shower can chase them away. The need in particular I am talking about is the strong, insatiable desire for a certain bookcase from Ikea. Those unfamiliar with my torrid love affair with Ikea should read about it here.

The shelf which I covet is the Expedit 5x5 shelf. I envision a wall of these shelves, complete with the media center Expedit unit the in the center. Can you handle the storage? I nearly can't. Brandon and I would FINALLY have room for all of our books.

We have a lot of books. I would say we own more books than any other item in our home. And we own a lot of items. I nearly can't handle the number of books. But you know what could?

Oh yeah...it can HANDLE the books.

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