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My friend Anita found a book recently called "Stuff Midwesterners Like." Liked items include ranch dressing, county fairs, and Cracker Barrel, to name a few. Anita loves it because it's true, and those types of things are the best. Exhibit A: Anything Jerry Seinfeld says. Exhibit B: Stuff Christians Like.

If there is one thing Heather likes, it's laughing at herself and the things she does without thinking. Many of the posts on Stuff Christians Like make me chuckle as a life-long church attendee, mission participator, and once ministry employee. Jon, the blog dude, seems to feel the same way.

Some of my favorites are:

Getting single people married as fast as possible
Leaving Bibles in the lost and found
30 Rock is the new Office and other shows that could be sermons (my parent's pastor has done sermons on books before...but never TV shows...GENIUS!!)

I really, really, really could go on for a long time. I've been doing the silent crying laugh thing, since I'm in a position where I am sitting down in front of a computer with other people who are also in front of computers nearby. I think you know what I'm talking about.

I've been scrolling through the months on Jon's blog, and I guess they had a "Bulletin Bored" contest. You know when a man (or woman) is giving this shpiel about their awesome retreat coming up, or the church announcements are going on forever, or it's Children's Church and you're bored out of your gourd so you doodle? My friend Liz (fellow youth intern) and I would do this, and doodle ridiculous things like a water polo team with Jesus on it, or other things that float through the transom of your mind when you are surrounded with junior and senior high students. This was one of the winners:

The commenters after the blog posts say funny and/or insightful things too, which I appreciate in a blog. This is one that was left after a SCL post titled "Seeing God in Nature:"

I spend too much time looking for God and not enough time seeing God.

Ugh. So true.

Please, please enjoy SCL. It will make you cry silent laughter tears, or perhaps pee your pants. I pray it's the former.

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Shelle and Dan said...

You are so right. That blog is hilarious and insightful. I just added it to my favorites on my blog so I can keep up with it.