I've been going through Birdy's room and tidying up (WILL IT NEVER END?!), and I've reached my Waterloo: her socks. My problem with her socks are threefold:

1. She has an insane amount of socks

2. She wears only 4-5 pairs of socks

3. I can never find those 4-5 pairs of socks that actually fit.

So you can sense my frustration, right?

I just put Birdy down for her nap, and decided to check on the internets and see what they had to offer today. I searched Flickr for sock puppets, and I have since fallen back in love with socks. Can you just imagine a tiny little sock puppet? Can you?

There are lot of pictures of people and their sock puppets on the Google:

My friend Shiloh and I made sock puppets for our presentation on MacBeth in 10th grade...and yes, it was as awesome as you think it was. I believe we even got an 'A.'

I think the world needs more sock puppets.

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