random musings

1. I wish I was a smidge craftier. Like crocheting...WTF is up with that? Those loops drive me crazy. Give me knitting with it's preset number of loops kindly already on your needle.

2. I hope that wherever we end up next year has an Ikea nearby. I could spend a lot of time at Ikea. I could also spend a lot of money at Ikea.

3. Bagels=delish.

4. I ran again today! Woo for me!

5. I realized this weekend that our next baby plans will be on hold for longer than I thought originally. Hall directors are not known to have palatial university apartments. And, let's be clear, I do not want to share a room with a baby past that baby turning 6 weeks old at the longest.

6. Pants are fitting better. Double woo.

7. My mom and I get to go antique-ing when we visit in March. That is going to be wicked sweet. Next goal: take an upholstery class.

8. University apartment or no, I'm going to start decorating and having more matchy-I'm-not-still-a-college-student furniture. Ikea and antique stores will come in handy for that.

9. Along the lines of antiques, antiques in the northwest are not like the antiques in say, Pennsylvania, where people have had furniture for a lot longer. Antiques here are rarely made before 1900.

10. I need dinner ideas for this week. Please send ideas post-haste.


mr. awesome said...

jalapeno bagels=most delish.

mommyneedsanap said...

Might I suggest a free grand slam from Denny's tonight w/ the dancing and basketballing peeps?

Your IM spouse

bklawrence said...

I am a big fan of this Mexican lime soup:


I sometimes substitute the chicken for cheese because I think it makes for better leftovers without the meat, and the toppings can be held in separate reserves. Oh, and I like to get flour tortillas and saute them until they are crispy, and substitute those for the chips. Very nice.