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So, you know those people who write blogs and you love them and they don't know you but you feel like you know them? You know? Well, I read Em's blog, and today I left a comment. No big woop, it happens sometimes.

Well dear reader, its' different today. SHE REPLIED TO ME. ACK. It's like seeing someone famous in the airport or the deli and having that awkward "um...I think that's So and So...but here? In my deli? Eating pastrami? Surely not." But then you realize "OMG, THAT'S REALLY CONAN O'BRIEN, HERE, EATING PASTRAMI!!!" So, with the risk of being a total loser and all, I give you the email she sent. I feel cool.

Here is the text:

hahaha thankyou!!<---THAT IS FROM EMILY RIGHT THERE.

To: emily_amber79@hotmail.comSubject: [*e*] Heather submitted a comment
to 'don't throw away your old shirts, i need them for pants!'.Date: Fri, 20 Feb
2009 08:45:27 -0800From: typepad@sixapart.com

A new comment from
“Heather” was received on the post “don't throw away your old shirts, i need them for pants!” of
the blog “*e*”.
Comment:My favorite thing on young little people is a good set of cheeks, and
Yindi's are adorable!
Commenter name: Heather
Commenter email: heather_brackett@hotmail.com
URL: http://www.babybirdy.blogspot.com
IP address:
NoneIf you would like to publish a reply to this comment you can do so by
writing a response on the post “don't throw away your old shirts, i need them for pants!”.
Enjoy!The TypePad Team

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AngMomof3 said...

I TOTALLY GET IT ! Woo hoo for you! That is so very impressive. She gets tons of comments, and she picked you out for a reply. Isn't it amazing what they can do for our egos?

The really sad part is when you share your exciting news with people who have absolutely no idea what (or who) you're talking about... and it falls flat.

Call me when you want to share the exciting stuff!

(And you're off scrapping this weekend! Have fun for me (and save some for next Saturday at EBC).)