movies i'm afraid to hate

So I'm sitting here, trying to keep it real, when I remembered what I used to do when I was tired and wanted to catch some Zzzzs. As I am in a position where sleeping would be very much frowned upon, it's a good thing I don't have a copy of the movie that would lull me into sleepy-time.

I will tell you of this film, but you need to promise yourself that you will like me afterword. From the reactions of other friends and acquaintances, I assure you it really is that bad.

I...I...watched The Neverending Story. It is and was the most boring movie I have ever seen; I liken it to the War and Peace of the movie realm, perhaps more boring than the cinematic adaptation of War and Peace. I haven't actually finished The Neverending Story either. I've fallen asleep every time. We had it on a tape after the Duck Tales movie (which was fricken awesome, as I'm sure you agree), and I would be so tired from watching Duck Tales that I would crash.

The theme song is pretty lame on it's own, and WTF is with a giant flying dog (correction: luckdragon)? Who names their kid Atreyu? Give me animated ducks fighting crime and exploring Egypt any day.

I have one more confession: I don't like The Goonies.

I saw it when I was in middle school and didn't get why all my friends were so obsessed. I fell asleep during this one too.

Please don't hate me, readers of my generation (if there are any of you, that is).

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Shawna said...

Give me Duck Tales any day!!!